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denmother is the experimental electronic music project of canadian songwriter sabarah pilon.




  • sound + texture + light 

  • sun + moon

  • ceremony + ritual

  • love + fear

  • life + death

denmothermother is the c-space to house the music, words, art, and magic - to simply keep it all contained in one spot. you'll find a little shop here, and you'll find tarot and occassionally other offerings here.



latest releases:

latest project:

i chase the water

birthed from the shattered and tattered, i chase the water is a devotional to the healing of the great sea. the depths of her claws, tearing through the layers of my heart, transformed me into a queen of earth.
the project is evolving - what was once supposed to be an album, is becoming something deeper and more alchemical than i could possibly share in its entirety. 

all i want is the deep water, hot sun, cold earth.

whatever this is becoming, set to release early 2024.

partially funded by artsnb

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