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DenMother is the experimental electronic music project of singer-songwriter Sabarah Pilon.

Currently based out of eastern Canada.




  • sound + texture + light 

  • sun + moon

  • ceremony + ritual

  • love + fear

  • life + death


DenMother is the experimental electronic music project of Canadian singer-songwriter Sabarah Pilon.

DenMother’s sound can be described as the ethereal converging with the feral, as she incorporates atmospheric vocal elements over layers of texture, drum and synth.

Pilon began experimenting with electronic music production in her bedroom in 2009, initially self-releasing music under the moniker ‘Orphan’. After being discovered on Tumblr by then Maryland-based indie label, I Had An Accident Records, she released 5 cassettes between 2010 - 2014, eventually adopting the name “DenMother”.

Between 2016 and 2020, DenMother released six more digital albums, continuing to showcase her ability to experiment within sub-genres under the electronic umbrella, resulting in an evolving yet cohesive discography.​

Pilon has received several grants, one of which allowed her to create her latest full length album,"Frantic Ram" (2021), a concept album loosely framed around Dante's Inferno. It explores the trenches of emotion that tunnel deep within the psyche during times of chaos, confinement and regeneration and explores darker and more industrial-inspired musical elements.


DenMother has been nominated for an East Coast Music Award for Electronic 2022 Album of the Year (Frantic Ram), and several MusicNB awards between 2020 and 2023 (Best Song, Best Video, Recording of the Year).

In 2023 she participated in the Greville Tapes recording series in Nova Scotia alongside Dumpster Cub and will be part of a small Maritimes tour surrounding the release of this project in April 2024.


Pilon was awarded a 2023 ArtsNB creation grant and has been actively working on a new album, set to release sometime in 2024.

She has played along talented musicians like Beverly-Glenn Copeland, The Medicine Singers, and Julie Doiron, and has performed at various music festivals including PopMontreal, (Montreal, QC), Shivering Songs (Fredericton, NB), Flourish Festival (Fredericton, NB) and Quality Block Party (Saint John, NB).

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© 2023 DenMother, Canada.

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